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Renewable Power
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Increasing Global Share of Renewable Power in the Energy Mix

Advancements in the renewable power sector have become the order of the day. Several new entities have entered the energy business to launch innovative products and technologies. The efficiency of these technologies has led to their adoption across a plethora of industries. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has released fresh data with regard to […]

Magnetic Field
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Researchers find Sun’s Magnetic Field to be Stronger than Believed

The study of heavenly bodies such as the moon and sun has become immensely popular among scientists. It has helped them in understanding the finer details about the outer space environment. Furthermore, it is important to understand the properties endowed by light emitted from the sun. Researchers have lately found out that the magnetic field […]

Planned Parenthood
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US Supreme Court Rules Against Defunding Planned Parenthood of Medicaid Funds

A divided US Supreme Court declined hearing pleas from Republican-led states of Louisiana and Kansas demanding to block state funds to Planned Parenthood in the states. Earlier, lower courts had prohibited thestates from blocking funding to the women-centric health organization. Planned Parenthood is a health organization that focuses on women healthcare andprovides services related to […]