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Microbial Fuel Cell
Energy & Resources Featured

Microbial Fuel Cell – Converts Your Pee into Source of Clean Energy

Robial, a company from the University of West England is all set to utilize urine and wastewater into the source of energy. These energy can be further used to power home appliances and other devices. Microbial fuel cell consist of the microbes which utilizes carbon compound found in the urine.  Microbial fuel cell consists of […]

Featured Technology

Malware Friendly Hosting Sites to Avert Attacks

Cyber security has been a major concern for security researchers and analysts. These analysts have been researching ways of safe and secure hosting of malware. This is being done to increase protection of cyber operations across a wide array of industries. Researchers have lately identified an increase in Form Book infections across nascent file-hosting services. […]

Featured Science

Researchers Unveil Dreadds Helps in Monitoring GPCRs

The scientists from Hello Bio has recently disclose various benefits of water soluble ligands and various usage of dreadds in the neurological research activities. The dreadds are the designer receptors which are majorly used to activate through drugs.  The dreadds are synthetic GPCRs which is utilized to deliberate effectiveness to an otherwise physiologically inactive compound.  […]