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Business Featured

Moovel to Integrate Mobile App Feature to Trimet Hop Fastpass

Moovel, the principal company that provides fare validation and mobile ticketing solutions for public transit in North America has announced its contribution in the mobile application space. The first phase of the initiative to be rolled out in the next few weeks involves serving select transit passengers in the Portland Vancouver area, with the full […]

Energy & Resources Featured

Hinkley C Project Contract Awarded to ABB Power Grid Division

The Swiss design and engineering group, ABB declared that it has won a $130m bid for infrastructure to the UK’s Hinkley Point C atomic plant. ABB’s power division will give transmission foundation to the two-unit venture which is being worked by France’s EDF Energy. The new EPR atomic reactors, cost £18bn ($23.68bn), will provide up […]

Energy & Resources Featured

Novato Biogas Plant to Convert Organic Garbage into Energy

A Novato biogas plant is collecting local trash and transforming it into power for nearby utilization. Biogas is an inexhaustible fuel, essentially a blend of carbon and methane, and creating it is considerably more proficient than solar oriented power. Karen Stern, who is a correspondences director at Waste Management in Northern California said that, it […]

Featured Technology

Edge Computing to Provide Real-Time Local Data Analysis

Cloud computing is experiencing a crucial move in which the conventional model of getting to exceedingly brought together assets is supplanted by an appropriated, decentralized design. This new worldview called edge computing, brings the center building pieces of cloud – register, stockpiling and systems administration – nearer to the shoppers. Edge computing is an approach […]