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Amazon to Launch Earbuds to Compete with Apple’s AirPods

The neck and neck competition between Amazon and Apple has become evident over the past decade. The business strategies and moves of these giant companies are majorly influenced by each other. Along similar lines, the introduction of Apple’s AirPods has created ripples across Amazon’s business verticals. The latter is reportedly working on launching its own […]

Wearable Biosensors
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Healing Wounds through Wearable Biosensors

Biosensors have emerged as an immensely relevant technology for multiple sectors and industries. Apart from their use in the medical industry, biosensors are also an important component of several research processes. Scientists have been looking for ways to optimize the use of biosensors in multiple domains within medicine. A team of researchers in Washington D.C. […]

Yeast Cells
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Yeast Cells to Aid in Sustainable Bio-production of Xylitol

A study published in Green Chemistry on March 4, 2019, detailed an innovative process for the manufacturing of xylitol. Xylitol is a valuable bio-compound, and finds application in both food and pharmaceutical industries. Previously, industry production of xylitol from purified D-xylose had a severe environmental impact. In order to solve this issue, researchers used a […]

Electric Bus
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Volvo’s Driverless Electric Bus Makes Way in Singapore

The use of electric vehicles has been gathering momentum over the past decade. Electric vehicles have emerged as a key technology for a sustainable future. Furthermore, the use of electric vehicles for public transport can serve dual benefits. Firstly, like all other electric vehicles, it will reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Secondly, and more […]