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Australia to Invest in its First Offshore Wind Project

Offshore wind projects have become a vital part of regional and national infrastructure. Australia has also remained steadfast in instituting positive change in the energy sector via offshore wind projects. The Commonwealth Government has approved the licensing of environmental and technical studies across Gippsland’s south coast. This has emerged as a starry achievement for the energy sector of Victoria. The offshore wind project can help the sector to meet its needs across various regional pockets in Australia. This will allow it to address several new domains with regards wind energy production. Wind energy investigations and monitoring is possible through the exploration license. Furthermore, study of the marine environment and seabed can also conducted through the approval.

Feasibility of Offshore Projects

The feasibility of the offshore wind energy plant in Australia is under study in the contemporary times. Consultation with the stakeholders and communities is mandatory for any further studies. Once the project is deemed feasible, Star of the South will unravel its unique energy solution to power 1.2M houses. The most distinct factor pertaining to the project is the investment opportunity in Australia. The project holds the potential to bring in voluminous investments to Australia’s energy sector. Moreover, new employment avenues are likely to emerge from investment in the offshore wind project. Star of the South is an initiative of local developers and investors in Australia.

Future Research

The chief executive of Star of the South project revealed that the organisation has done rigorous background study. This shall help the organisation in acquisitioning of new talent and creation of better opportunities for the project. Moreover, the company aims to delve into the marine environment via this project.

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