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Astronomers Snap Most Detailed Image of Antares, a star other than Sun

Astronomers from Germany and Chile have successfully captured an image of star, other than Sun, with detailed acuity. This star is called Antares and is a red supergiant star. Antares is the first star other than Sun, for which scientist have been successful to map the velocities of materials present in its atmosphere. Researcher have found that in the extended atmosphere of this red supergiant, materials flows with unexpectedly high turbulence.

Studying Antares may lead to New Motion Theories

Some theories about Antares suggest that this start has started its life with mass about 15 times more than Sun, and during its life has probably shed materials worth three solar-masses. This star has mass as large as 12 times of solar and has diameter 700 times of the Sun. Considering the constellation of Scorpius, this is the brightest star and the fifteenth brightest star visible by eyes in the night. This is a well-studied star also named as Alpha Scorpii.

Dr. Keiichi Ohnaka, Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile along with the co-researchers used VLTI, Very Large Telescope Interferometer of ESO to observe Antares. He shared that over half of the century, scientists have been searching for explanations about the mass loss of such stars during the final phase of evolution. Furthermore, he shared that currently VLTI is the only facility that is capable of measuring the motions of particles of such distant stars. The researchers have found low-density and turbulent gas present much further than core than expected. This motion is not possible through the process of convection, which advises researchers to find new theories to explain this movement.

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