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Apple to Plunge into Modem Making for Its iPhones, Claims Report

Technology giant Apple Inc. is reportedly working build their own modem for their iPhones. The company which became the first company in the history of the U.S. to hit 1 trillion US$ benchmark is in rumor to make their own modems. A report by The Information only vindicates it more.

Recent job openings at Apple for cellular modem systems architects in Cupertino and San Diego has only added gasoline to the already present rumors. Apart from these two posts, Apple has been posting several modem hardware and firmware related jobs on their forum for months. These jobs are all based in San Diego, Beijing, and Berlin.

Apple used Intel’s modems for this year’s three iPhone models. Apple shook hands with Intel after the former’s relationship with Qualcomm went foul. Apple used Qualcomm’s modem in their iPhones for a long time. But due to a string of lawsuits, Apple dropped its partnership with Qualcomm. However, it is reported that resorting to Intel was neither a good option, as they were slow in comparison to Qualcomm’s modems.

Apart from these, Apple is also prognosticated to launch its 5G enabled iPhone in 2020. Some experts believe Apple’s decision to make their modems is likely to benefits its users. Apple which is known to be one of best developers when it comes in developing chips, the company will efficiently make modems as well. Apples bionic chipsets is considered to be one of the best in the market. The A series processors which made its debut in 2007 was an instant hit and still continues to be one of the most powerful chipsets.

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