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Apple Suffers One of Biggest Leaks Causing Significant Loss to the Company

Due to the leakage of the details and features of the latest iPhones and other upcoming Apple gadgets, developers have to refurbish the existing code in order to come up with more contemporary discoveries. Two news websites were offered the access to an unreleased variant of the iOS operating system. The code alludes to an iPhone X along with two new iPhone 8 devices. It also revealed the detail about face detection technology that maps users’ expression onto emoticons and behaves as an ID as well. As reported by one of the tech writer, this has turned out to be one of the biggest and noticeable leak causing loss to the company. Apple is holding a launch ceremony at its new home office on Tuesday.

The Current Leak is assumed to Be Sabotaged Intentionally

The California-based organization takes strict endeavors to keep its advancements a mystery until its launch events. In 2012, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, also mentioned about doubling the confidentiality measures in order to protect the product details to be leaked before the launch event. Although a few details about the new gadgets were already uncovered in August, when Apple announced some test code for its HomePod speakers. Yet, while that was thought to have been an error, it has been asserted that the most recent leak was a purposeful act of subversion. John Gruber, a blogger known for his coverage of Apple wrote that according to what he could conclude, these codes were accessible to download by anybody, yet they were ambiguous by long, illegible URLs.

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