Apple to Sign Deal with Entertainment and Media Company A24 to Produce Unique Movies


Recently, according to some sources that are familiar with the agreement has told CNBC that Apple has entered into a multi-year agreement with an entertainment company named A24 in order to create and produce films for the company. This movie deal has come up as Apple is likely to ramp up its foray into the original content.

The company has made some plans to give away free TV shows and some movies so the device owners, mostly sometime in the next year. This plan has been made as a part of the strategy so as to build an effective consumer loyalty. This has been recently stated by several sources that are quite familiar with the negotiations.

The entertainment company named A24 is one of the favorites of the critics, which have released several films that were Academy Award winners. Some of these movies include ‘Lady Bird’, ‘Room’, and ‘Moonlight’. These movies were awarded Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Picture, and Best Supporting Actor in the year 2017. The A24 entertainment and media company is based in New York and started back in the year 2012. The terms of this deal has not yet been disclosed.

Some of the other companies and individuals have slated so as to produce the content for the upcoming films for Apple, which is most likely to include Sesame workshop, Oprah, and a reboot of the ‘Amazing stories’. This will be produced soon by Bryan Fuller and Steven Spielberg. This films will be further offered to Apple users at free of cost.

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