Apple Discloses Its First Autonomous Vehicle Crash in California

Autonomous Vehicle Crash

Apple, the largest tech company in world unveiled a recent mishap. The company said its first Autonomous Vehicle crash took place in California last week.

According to the filing done by Apple employee, Steve Kenner which was submittd to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the Autonomous Vehicle crash took place 2:58 pm near in Sata Clara, which is near to the Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino. Lexus RX450h, was the vehicle which was used for the test.

A report which was put out by DMV on Friday stated that the test vehicle which was in an autonomous mode was hit in the rear end while it was preparing itself to move towards Lawrence Expressway South from Kifer Road.

Apple’s test vehicle had reduced the speed and was travelling at a speed of less than 1 mph. It was waiting for a required gap to complete the merge. At this particular point, a Nissan Leaf, 2016 model made direct contract with the test vehicle, bringing both the car at stall. Nissan was traveling at speed of 15 mph when it hit the test vehicle. Both the car survived the minimal damage with zero injuries. None of the party reported against each other.

Apple has been being secretive about the autonomous vehicle project. According to the reports, Apple now has nearly 66 autnomous vehicle which has been approved for testing in California. Its competitors, Waymo has 88 whereas Tesla has 39.

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