Amorphous Polyalphaolefin (APAO) Market Valuation Is Expected To Touch Us$0.32 Bn By The End Of 2023


Global Amorphous Polyalphaolefin Market

Amorphous polyalphaolefin (APAO) has a beneficial combination of chemical and physical properties that market them very useful in the formulating of hot melt adhesives. Resistance to moisture, anti-corrosion properties, chemical inertness, and anti-UV properties are some of the characteristics of amorphous polyalphaolefin that make them popular in their use in hot melt adhesives. Obtained as a by-product of synthesis of isotactic polypropylene (iPP) initially, APAO production is now also possible through the polymerization of propylene and ethylene, thanks to the invention of Ziegler-Natta (Z-N) catalyst, which is used in the polymerization process.

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The global demand for APAO is fueled by the stupendous growth observed in the packaging industry, which is one of its key application areas. The high growth of the personal hygiene products market will also push the growth of this market. There has been an increasing demand for light weight vehicles and the growing pollution has led to stringent policies which in turn has created a demand for low-emission automobiles. This in turn is slated to drive the demand for APAO. As APAO can bond with most substrates such as complex plastics, delicate papers, corrugated containers, foams, wood, metal, and particle board, their application is slated to expand in the years to come and this will create growth opportunities in the market.

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Some of the factors hampering the growth of this market include fluctuation in the pricing of feedstock, which in turn is affecting raw material supply. The cohesive failure of amorphous polyalphaolefin-based hot melt in structures that have high load-bearing will limit the use of AMAO in the construction and building sector. This will hamper the growth of the market. In the years to come, the blending of APAO with resins, wax, and tackifiers will improve the hot melt properties as well as the process abilities of amorphous polyalphaolefin-based hot melt adhesives. This in turn will create promising growth opportunities for the market.

However, Asia Pacific will emerge as the new epicenter for the production of consumer and industrial goods, which will create a heightened demand for APAO. Asia Pacific will thus witness the highest growth rate for APAO for hot melt in the forecast period. The market in Latin America too will witness a healthy growth during the forecast period. However, the Middle East and Africa will witness a sluggish growth in the APAO market.

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