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Amazon to Launch Earbuds to Compete with Apple’s AirPods

The neck and neck competition between Amazon and Apple has become evident over the past decade. The business strategies and moves of these giant companies are majorly influenced by each other. Along similar lines, the introduction of Apple’s AirPods has created ripples across Amazon’s business verticals. The latter is reportedly working on launching its own ‘earbuds’ to compete with Apple’s AirPods. A report published by Bloomberg suggested that Amazon is on a quest to attain superiority over Apple in wireless technologies. Amazon’s earbuds are reported to be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy buds and Airpods. All of these devices are wireless headphones that do not require cables or clips.  Amazon is expected to differentiate its product on grounds other than portability and wireless connectivity.

Distinguished Features of Amazon’s Earbuds

Amazon aims to offer improved sound quality in its earbuds to gain superiority over competitors. Furthermore, Amazon’s earbuds are supported by the company’s digital assistant, Alexa. The users will also be able to connect with the digital assistant by merely calling out its name, i.e., “Alexa”. A storage case to recharge the earbuds is included in the product kit. Moreover, gesture controls for playing music and receiving calls are also a salient feature of Amazon’s earbuds.

Pricing and Release Date

We yet don’t know the release date and price of these earbuds. Pricing would play an important role in ascertaining the utility of earbuds as against Apple’s or Samsung’s products. It is likely that Amazon would launch the earbuds in the second half of 2019. If Amazon succeeds in providing improved sound quality at a reasonable price, it can give stringent competition to Apple.

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