Amazon to Start with Xealth to Offer to Deliver Medical Products to Patients

Recently, Amazon has been focusing on a start-up named Xealth and have around two hospitals, here a pilot project will run and would let the doctors recommend several medical products to their patients. The doctor will be giving the patients some required medicines before they are sent back to their home. In addition to this, these products are also to be delivered to the patient’s home after discharge, according to the requirement of the patients.

The main idea behind the pilot, which is still at a developing stage and is predicted to start within a few months of this project is to offer patients with discounted and easy access to the medical supplies and several other goods that they need making use of Amazon Prime. For the people who do not have the membership of Amazon Prime, they will also be able to access the pilot through other e-commerce providers. According to the two people familiar, Xealth is managing the effort.

Furthermore, Amazon has been primarily been involved to offer proper guidance on how to set up the bundles and the reseller accounts. As there have been some discussion regarding how patients can access the discounts via the health insurance or other health savings accounts for certain items. The two hospitals, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Seattle’s Providence Health Systems have invested heavily in Xealth.

The people who are involved have requested anonymity as their conversation are still private and at present, Amazon has declined to comment. The pilot is expected to give insights into the several faceted strategies of Amazon and is likely to tackle the issues in the healthcare industry.

Keshab Singha
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