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Alcohol Consumption Affects Memory Formation Pathways

The effect of alcohol consumption on the human brain has been studied for decades, and several key inferences have been drawn from experiments and tests. A recent research initiated at Brown University found that alcohol has the potential to occupy certain memory pathways in order to configure how memory is stored in the brain at the esoteric level. The addiction to alcohol owes to this hijacking of memory pathways by alcohol, and could have dire consequences. It is estimated that over 15 million people across the US suffer from a diseases or disorder related to alcohol abuse. Addiction to alcohol can have severe consequences for people, and the reason why people develop an alcohol-related disease is yet to be figure out.

Ill-Effects of Alcohol Consumption

The research stated that a combination of genetic, behavioural, and psychological factors contribute towards the development of an addiction to alcohol. Diseases, related to the liver and heart, are often due to excessive alcohol consumption, thus, necessitating the need to control alcohol consumption in individuals. Other harmful effects of alcohol could be digestive problems and inability to think properly while under the effect of alcohol. The process of giving up on alcohol consumption is a long process that requires a high level of commitment from the sufferer. The researchers at Brown University used fruit flies as an archetype to study the changes or effects on human memory caused due to alcohol consumption.

Results of Study

When the hijack of memory pathways is done by alcohol, the pleasantness or sourness of the memory decides whether a craving for alcohol is developed in exchange for that memory. Furthermore, it was found the protein sequence inside the brain was altered alcohol by a single amino acid, while the dopamine receptor protein remained unaffected.

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