Air Taxi Services May Soon Become Reality in India

Air Taxi Services

Thanks to a recent development, a progressive drone policy in India is likely to allow the use of drones for air taxi services in the country and air taxis could soon become operational in the country. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation, recently broke the news through twitter, sharing his optimism regarding the prospect of air taxis and the impact it will have on the highly complex issue of urban transportation in present times as the country tackles with the issue of increased migration to urban settings. The taxi-hailing company Uber has been shortlisted for the proposed idea of air taxi services in India.

Air travel in India can be of high promise when it comes to the time saved in intra-city travel. High population rise and the massive increase in the number of vehicles in the country has made the issue of inter-city and intra-city traffic grave.

Moreover, while the airlines sector connects a number of cities, small cities are still dependent on roadways and railways for transportation purposes. As such, the country has vast growth opportunities for air taxi services and shows promise owing to the fact that the disposable incomes of people are rising and air travel is becoming increasingly affordable for a large number of people.

The country has also recently released the guidelines that commercial drone services in the country will have to adhere to, aimed at making the commercial use of drones safe, among other expectations.

Eric Allison, the chief executive of the aviation programme of Uber, has said that the expenses incurred in the air taxi service, which is looking at prospective use of high-rise building rooftops and specially erected skyports, will be comparable with the taxi services. The vehicles used for the air taxi services will resemble helicopters with several rotors that will fly low so as to not hinder the movement of jets.

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