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As construction sites are in the need for more rough work environments, the chances of work-related injuries to occur amongst the personnel in these environments is quite high. If such issues are likely to repeatedly crop up, the overall productivity of the workers may decrease, which may hamper the overall growth of the industry. Such injuries are most likely to be caused due to stress accumulated on joints of workers such as those dealing with masonry and bricklaying processes.

As technology progresses, new ways of tackling such issues are developing, with the most notable example present is artificial intelligence. According to recent studies, artificial intelligence (AI) can help decrease injuries that could commonly occur at construction sites. This could be a good way of improving workers’ productivity at construction sites.

Extensive Studies

Several studies were conducted by researchers at the University of Waterloo that used motion sensors and AI software. These studies have mainly unearthed techniques which may deal with reducing stress active on joints while dealing with construction work. These methods were not identified until now and can be highly beneficial for future use. These techniques can be taught to people in training programs, after which they can be used on-site.

An initial study consisted of analyzing data from personnel who dealt with bricklaying processes. The personnel had varied levels of experiences. The analysis commenced after the workers wore sensor suits while building a concrete wall. As per the data acquired, the expert workers could do more work with efficiency by putting less stress on their body.

A second study dealt with determining how experienced masons worked efficiently. By using sensors to record their movements, AI computer programs were made to identify patterns of comfortable body positions. The researchers at Waterloo intend to do a highly detailed study of how such expert personnel work. In the same way, the similar mechanisms can be used to reduce stress others, thus ultimately reducing the cause of construction site injuries.

Musculoskeletal injuries are quite common in those who deal with bricklaying and other such intensive activities. To avoid workers from getting worn out early, the suits can be designed to give feedback to the trainees, so that their body movements can be changed accordingly to reduce stress.

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