AES and Siemens Join Hands for Fluence
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AES and Siemens Join Hands for Fluence

Tech giants across the globe have been working on several high-end projects related to the development of a technology that would help store energy for future use. Recently, one such agreement took place between AES and Siemens for making Fluence, which is a global company basically focusing energy storage. This joint ventures will bring into the platform a century of energy technology dominance of Siemens in over 160 countries and AES will bring forth its ten years of expertise in deploying energy storage technologies in seven different countries. Fluence, after its launch will provide customers with a broad range of options for meeting the challenges of a swiftly converting energy landscape. The company has been brought forth to empower people across the globe to navigate the ever growing sector of energy storage with a better view of it. It will also focus on empowering customers and fulfilling their needs for cost-effective, flexible and scalable energy storage solutions.

What is Fluence?

Fluence joins the broad innovation skill, one of a kind vitality stockpiling of energy in the market, the worldwide reach of Siemens and AES to offer demonstrated and cost-focused vitality stockpiling of energy frameworks for a quickly changing part. Fluence will convey the Advancion and Siestorage vitality stockpiling stages and will keep on developing new stockpiling arrangements for energy and administrations, achieving clients in more than 160 nations.

The exchange is relied upon to shut in the final quarter of logbook year 2017 after administrative endorsements.

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