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Accenture, Microsoft Reveal Blockchain Prototype at ID2020 Summit

Global tech leaders Accenture and Microsoft have announced the development of a blockchain prototype to provide digital identities to the unaddressed masses around the world who don’t currently have valid identification documentation. Accenture is responsible for the development of the blockchain technology required in the program, while Microsoft’s contribution is limited to the use of its Azure cloud platform.

Growing Scale of the Problem could Ensure Quick Developments

According to Accenture, about 1.1 bn people, amounting to close to a sixth of the global population, cannot participate in social activities such as voting as well as economic activities that require formal identification. Ending this inequality has been a key concern for the UN in recent years, with the establishment of the ID2020 public-private program serving as a valuable conduit for beneficial technological developments a imed at providing the 1.1 bn with valid digital IDs. The blockchain prototype developed by Accenture and Microsoft was unveiled earlier this month at the ID2020 Summit at the UN.

Rising Adoption of Digital Identification Likely to Support ID2020

The blockchain prototype consists of a database system that can be shared with multiple entities with a high degree of security, comfort, and interoperability. The platform is designed to provide applicants control over who can access their data. Releasing and sharing personal data is likewise protected. The lack of a central authority is a specialty of blockchain technology and the system is instead a distributed architecture maintained on multiple nodes in the blockchain. The rising number of governments taking the initiative in adopting digital information storage systems is likely to help the spread of ID2020 initiatives such as this blockchain program. The prototype is designed to work with different digital information storage systems and thus could be a vital development in enabling the availability of digital identities on a global scale.

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