About Us

Transparency Journal News curates the best content for its readers. We offer an exhaustive coverage spanning over areas such as business, Energy & Resources, science, and technology. It has been specifically aimed at informing its readers accurately and exactly.

Innovations, upcoming trends, and vital information about the world are investigated thoroughly to create an exhaustive repository. Contributors work arduously to make genuine and sincere contributions to the ever-growing database. Over the years, Transparency Journal News has become a source of information worthy of crucial decisions for booming businesses and startups.

The team burns the midnight oil to garner the essence of the fast-changing world economy. We strive to answer every curious question through our reporting and writing. We work with the motto of being relevant to you at all times, which may be both challenging and changing. Thus, Transparency Journal News is your fountainhead of news and trends.

Editors & Contributing Staff

Rohit Bhisey – Head of Editing at Transparency Journal

With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of Internet marketing and market research, Rohit’s passion lies in understanding the global and regional trends across multiple industries and scrutinizing their impact at various levels. His attention to detail and his perseverance shine through in highly analytical articles as presented on Transparency Journal.

Keshab Singha – Sr Editor

As an expert in digital marketing, Keshab’s growing interest in new-age technologies stands out in his increasingly perceptive articles published on Transparency Journal. Through his writing, Keshab gives readers a closer look at the happenings around the globe and their ramifications.

Ganesh Rajput – Contributor

Ganesh’s extensive experienced in the field of market research reflects in the way his articles offer readers sharp insights on the latest developments across major industry verticals. His forte lies in churning out analytical commentaries on the evolving nature of various consumer-oriented industries.