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Transparency Journal provides you latest and breaking news from all over the globe. The ever growing data base provides its readers a wide coverage in the field of lifestyle, technology, and business science. Transparency journal is one stop all for the daily information of latest and trending news. The strong team of Transparency Journal is always looking out for new things which is largely impacting us. To keep updated with the fast changing dynamic of the world, the team efficiently gathering and collecting accurate and error free content for the significant domain.

The super-efficient team provides news first and fast and with absolute certainty. We at the Transparency Journal promise to deliver the reader accurate, latest and daily update of the day today news.

Editors & Contributing Staff

Rohit Bhisey – Head of Editing at Transparency Journal

Being leading editor of Transparency Journal, Rohit brings to the table over a period of experience in the internet marketing and research field. His passion and dedication towards providing error free and accurate content have enable him to gain immense success in the research field. Rohit is also known for his effective plan and strategies that helps in enhancing web traffic. Rohit area of interest lies in the field of business, lifestyle and technology.

Ganesh Rajput – Sr. Editor

As a senior writer of the Transparency Journal website. Ganesh Rajput’s area of interest lies in the field of technology and science. His passion towards works make him stand out the ordinary crowed. His efficient contribution towards the most recent development in connected device, cloud technology, virtual reality and nanotechnology. Among all, his dedication towards the latest advancement shine through his latest contribution.in the field of technology and science and makes him different from other writer when compared. Apart from his contribution towards market research, he is also consistently involved in looking out for the breaking news which is largely impacting us.

Keshab Singha – Editor

Keshab Singha has been contributing efficiently to the Transparency Journal not just his extra ordinary skills, but also his valuable knowledge in the field of science, technology and business. Keshab’s interest lies in exploring the impact of the ever-changing nature of the global economy and technology. His interest also shine through in his contributed article.