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A New Drug to Help Pot Withdrawal Symptoms among Cannabis Users

It is now possible to help people diagnosed with cannabis. A study done by the Yale University shows that a drug can actually help people addicted with marijuana to quit it. The study was published in a journal called Lancet Psychiatry.

The placebo controlled,double-blind study exhibits that the intake of marijuana decline among users who were given a new drug. This new drug is a fatty acid inhibitor. This drug works on endocannabinoid metabolic receptors which are present in the brain.  Test subjects who consumed the drug also witnessed reduced withdrawal symptoms and showed better sleeping patterns. This particularly pattern is disturbed in individuals who are dependent on cannabis and are looking to quit.

Consumption of Cannabis Often Lead to CUD

According to Deepak CyrilD’Souza, who is a professor of psychiatry at Yale said that that legalization of cannabis are taking place worldwide. It is quite expected that the demand ofmarijuana will increase. With the increase in uptake, cases of quitting willalso rise. He also no medication helping individuals who wants to quit cannabisare available. Deepak is also a corresponding author to this study.

Increase in consumption of cannabis often results in a disorder, in which an individual is unable to stop consuming cannabis. It interferes various aspects of one’s life. According to a recent data, nearly one third of all cannabis smoker are diagnosed with CUD(Cannabis Use Disorder).

Researchers have used various kinds of drug to reduce cannabis withdrawal symptoms, but none of the drug had any significant impact, said D’Souza.

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