After 12 Years Indra Nooyi to Step Down from the PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer Position

PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer

According to the recent news, Indra Nooyi is going to step down from the position of PepsiCo chief executive officer after almost twelve years. Indra Nooyi is considered as one of the most powerful businesswomen across the globe. In addition to this, her name has been consistently appearing in the Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women. In 2017, Indra Nooyi stood at the 11th position in the Forbes list. Indra Nooyi, who is sixty two by age has been a big part of the PepsiCo as PepsiCo Chief Executive Officer since last twenty four years. Furthermore, the current president named Ramon Laguarta is expected to succeed her. After she took the position, the share of the company has risen till 78%.

Recently, Indra Nooyi took twitter and posted a series of posts stating that her upbringing has been in India and she had never imagined that she will ever get such a big opportunity to lead a big company like PepsiCo in her life. Furthermore, she stated that she has been going through mixed emotions concerning leaving the post of the chief executive officer.

Indra Nooyi has delivered a consistent and strong financial performance and has helped the company growth with the effective business strategies in the last few years. Hereafter, Indra Nooyi will be associated with the company as the chairman from the next years. Indra Nooyi, with her extra ordinary performance has inspired several other individuals to develop a powerful career with a high level of focus concerning the company. Indra Nooyi’s PepsiCo journey will remain a unique story for the Indian women and across the globe.

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